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St. James Strategy helps nonprofit organizations to reach their full potential and achieve significant and sustainable impact in their fields. We guide our clients in developing the optimal strategies, tactics, programs, leadership, resources and organizational capability they need to succeed.

We accomplish this by applying our unique and proven mix of vision, insight, inspiration, creativity, skill and experience to the development of transformational strategic business plans for our clients. St. James Strategy prides itself on its agile, yet deliberative approach.

With a no-nonsense style, we get great results on a timely basis at reasonable cost. Our services include:

We are agile, creative, skilled, and experienced

Our clients have included approximately 200 nonprofit, philanthropic and government organizations, representing a broad and diverse range of policy, advocacy, social, educational, health, science, environmental, media, arts & culture and philanthropic issues.

In addition to serving nonprofit organizations directly, St. James Strategy is often engaged by foundations, corporations and government agencies to help them secure the financial investments they have made in their grantees. We work closely with these funders and nonprofits to assess an organization’s opportunities and challenges and develop strategic, actionable plans that ensure their success and sustainability.