Chess Pieces

Our Approach

St. James Strategy seeks to have a major impact on our clients’ performance, so that they can achieve breakthrough results. We listen carefully, analyze rigorously and work closely with clients to identify their key goals and next steps for success. Then we help them get to work immediately on the top-priority strategies, tactics and changes that will produce significant short-term and long-term outcomes.

At each phase of its development, a nonprofit will have different needs — sometimes significant growth, sometimes just a small shift in direction. As a result, no two assignments or results are alike. And while our primary focus is on the development of comprehensive strategic business plans, we recognize that at times, our clients may need to respond to one or more critical organizational opportunities or challenges.

In achieving this, we focus on:

Market driven, aspirational but realistic, with a focus on results

Throughout each client relationship, we provide realistic, strategically sound, cost-effective recommendations that clients can put to immediate use. In every engagement, our client gets the services they need, in a way that makes sense for their own special history, assets, challenges and priorities.