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Our Services

St. James Strategy helps its clients to focus on the critical capabilities that help organizations to grow, thrive and become sustainable and it ensures that these functions are synchronized for maximum impact. Our services include: strategy advisement, strategic business planning and implementation, organizational and program development, advocacy and field building, marketing, resource development, board governance/development and executive search.

Strategic Business Planning

St. James Strategy's process focuses on the key elements of creating successful strategic business plans:

Comprehensive, flexible, focused on your needs

We also rigorously analyze and refine all of the critical organizational functions that must be strengthened to achieve success: governance, leadership, program development, finance, resource development and organizational structure. Each of our projects, however, is customized so that emphasis is placed on those functions that need the most attention and relate to the specific strengths and day-to-day realities of our clients.

Each client we work with brings different capacities to the table. Some organizations have plentiful resources available, and want to take a highly hands-on approach to developing their business plan. Others have few resources, or prefer that we lead and implement much of the planning process. St. James Strategy is available to meet our clients in their comfort zone, and we tailor the consulting process accordingly.

Once a plan is complete, we are able to help clients develop a compelling and more concise business plan document, which can be used to help pursue funding opportunities.

Plan Implementation

Taking the plan to the next level

Our work often also extends past the planning process and into hands-on implementation, supporting boards and management in executing the changes and forward movement the plan recommends.